Compositing ..
Adobe After Effects, Apple Shake
Autodesk Combustion, Eyeon Fusion

FX-Tech ..
2D3 Boujou, Pixelfarm PFTrack a.s.o.

Restoration ..
HS-Art Diamant, Pixelfarm PFClean

2D ..
Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photopaint

3D ..
Autodesk Maya, Avid Softimage XSI
Maxon Cinema 4D, McNeel Rhino

Editing ..
Adobe Premiere, Apple FinalCut
Avid DS Nitris, Quantel sQ


Adobe Dreamweaver, Namo Webeditor
Microsoft Frontpage

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If you need help for getting familiar with a software package we have the correct measured know how and didactic understanding to pass it to you.

In particular the transfer of knowledge in a rapidly changing field of high end software demands more than only facts. The point is to offer our customers a general understanding that they are prepared for future changes.

In consequence to the huge amount of available softwares on the market it's rather impossible to handle every package in a highly professional way. We would like to get your inquiry to make specific statements.

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