The upcoming television standard HDTV brings, concerning conservation of aged film, risks as well as chances. On one hand it creates an impulse for broadcasters to rescan their archive material in higher resolutions and to make a digital restoration.

On the other hand vast costs are connected with HD. This money has to be earned somehow or saved somewhere. The golden time of only a few television stations is part of foretime. We live in a highly specialized economics era with a lot of distribution channels and a wide range of digital medias (DVD, HD-DVD, Blue-Ray).

endime takes part in digital film restoration cooperations. Our perpetual interest focuses on finding new ways for restoration and optimizing the connection between existing and established tools.
restoration pipeline
The standard pipeline in digital image sequence restoration looks for instance like the one above. There is no software on the market today that would be completely satisfying.

In fact the software solutions are quite good adapted to their field of operation but there are minor integrity issues. If you come across a problem and can't remove that kind of defect, you will have to leave the built in way of practice. Along the way the big words "Non destructive" and "Non linear work flow" hide behind a big "AND NOW?".

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