The DriftDeWarp was especially developed to meet the needs of digital image sequence restoration. It's concept was designed in Munich for Alpha-Omega a highly sophisticated company in this field of appliance.

An often seen problem with highly stressed old film is a frame based distortion caused by material deformation. This circumstance makes a digitalization difficult and sometimes also impossible. Therefore Alpha-Omega improved their film scanners on their own account in-house. Since then here has become possible, what frightens other laboratories and what modern film scanners are not directly created for.

Strong deformations of original negative material cause heavy distortions of the representing digital image sequences. In addition to a usually bad steadiness this is a major problem that can be solved with DriftDeWarp.

Now it's possible to remove image distortions caused by cleaved film media. The technique is moreover able to undistort any kind of shrinkage/deformation and capable of stabilizing footage. Please click on the images below to start the clips ...

Weib des Pharao


Courtesy of Alpha-Omega digital GmbH and Adoram Gmbh. Further examples on e-mail request ...

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